To Win At The Casino You Have To Be An Aggressive Or A Defensive Player

I am a player who often practices a defensive way in small attacks … example playing to win small amounts and very often, but when I lose it is also large amount that I can lose …

Conversely, I play aggressive and take more risk, but I make fairly large profits so if I lose a large amount I also gain large amounts so a certain advantage…

But let’s be honest there are two points to consider, if playing aggressively makes me panic so makes me emotional, so risk modifying my game … then I might be a poor player and secondly, the budget has to be follow therefore play aggressively requires the ability to do so

Player’s bets and chips

To win at the casino you must above all know yourself and control your emotions … just this equation that says … (to win at the casino you have to learn to lose) … few people or players do not realize the scope of this sentence … the winning recipe, the magic trick, the secret that several attempts to sell you… as if there was a magic formula… christ wake up… if there was one there would be no Casino, and we would not have this conversation.

  • Do you want to win and your salary comes from the casino
  • Do you want to become a gambler and learn how to win at the casino?
  • Do you want to know what the winners do, whether at the casino or elsewhere …

Well, they suffer, they practice, they accept to lose, and the only miracles they believe in is the effort and the desire to win and walk out of the casino with more money than you had when you came home.

To win at the casino you have to realize that the casino is a workplace and not a well where you throw a coin and crave the chance to win and wooing superstitions is not a winning solution.

To win at the casino you have to have an idea of ​​… how chance builds its possibilities … how it places the sequences that will make you a winner or a loser

To win at the casino you have to control your emotions … it means that losing is part of the game and that every day will be strewn with it, but remembering that it is not an end, but simply a path and that to cross it without losing the control allows you to access victory and achieve winnings and winnings and still winnings

To play at the Casino

So the starting question was to be an aggressive player or to be a defensive player who seeks small profits and comes out with a small amount …

I think you have to be aggressive, even if it means not always using it, but that it is she who makes the difference between knowing how to play and knowing how to win… but obviously everyone has their own way of playing… attacking n It’s not the only way to win, but obviously one that has been proven successful.

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